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What We Offer

Navigating the intricacies of the construction industry requires a shield of assurance, one that our specialized construction insurance capabilities provide. At Turner Insurance & Bonding Co., we comprehend the multifaceted risks that construction professionals encounter daily, from unforeseen site accidents to project delays and contractual liabilities. Since 1934 Turner Insurance & Bonding Co. has been a staple in the construction industry, insuring some of the most respected companies in the nation doing work domestically and internationally. We have insured projects in the Middle East, South America, Africa, and all over the world.

General Liability

Safeguarding against claims resulting from on-site injuries and property damage.

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Builder’s Risk

Protection for properties under construction, covering damages from incidents like fires, theft, and storms.

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Contractor’s Equipment

Coverage for your valuable machinery and tools, whether they’re in transit, stationed at the construction site, or stored off-site.

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Professional Liability

Addressing claims of negligence, errors, or omissions during the course of your professional services.

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Worker’s Compensation

Ensuring the well-being of your workforce by covering medical expenses and lost wages due to job-related injuries.

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Excess Liability

Additional layers of coverage for your contract requirements and your peace of mind

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Cyber Liability

An ever-present threat to your business’s reputation and stability, coverage for cyber exposures are imperative.

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Commercial Auto

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision coverages to insure your commercial fleet.

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Risk Management Programs and More

At Turner, we provide HR, risk management, safety, and other services and coverages to our clients that provide them with the tools to run their business effectively.

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Our veteran team continuously aligns our offerings with the ever-evolving construction landscape, ensuring you’re fortified against both current and emerging risks. Beyond mere insurance, we offer insights, expert consultations, and proactive risk management strategies, ensuring your projects proceed with confidence and security.

Let Turner Insurance & Bonding Company be your trusted partner, providing the insurance expertise upon which you can construct your visions with peace of mind. Explore our construction insurance capabilities and let’s lay the foundation for a safer, more secure future together.